Thursday, June 25, 2009

Melissa Sample Sale: Gooooooaalllll!!!

I walked ridiculously far yesterday (27th between 10th and 11th people!) to hit up the Melissa sample sale, so I was pretty much determined to buy something once I got there, but said determination was not necessary. In fact, I had to take a couple of deep breaths once I got in there because there were shoes EVERYWHERE, all candy-colored and cute and between $25 and $55. Well, except for the Vivienne Westwood collabos, which were sitting pretty in a corner at just 20% off. I couldn't resist, reader. What happened to my restraint?? Down the drains of damp, muggy New York City, where waterproof shoes are a veritable necessity these days.

Yup, got another pair of Lady Dragons. The were $120 instead of the usual $149, and they were so fab I had to get them. (They're also the same shoe as my wedding shoes, the ones with the hearts, and I have to practice walking/dancing in them, so it's almost a wedding expense.) Also another girl expressed extreme jealousy when she saw them on my feet and so I had to get them.

Note: I went to the sale hoping against hope they'd have these new ones with the tortoiseshell bow, but they did not. They do have them at Epaulet, ground zero for all Melissa shoes, though.

The only annoying thing about Melissa shoes is that they do not have half sizes. And I'm of course between sizes on some of the shoes. Thus these purple flats, in contrast to the pair of Melissa flats I already own, are ever too slightly too big. However, I've learned the hard way that shoes even a touch too small will never, ever work. We'll see about a touch too big. I think those do actually work sometimes. This is the Night flat, and they were going fast. $25.

I seem to have this weird thing going where people undercharge me at sample sales. Last week I got three things for $10 at the Cynthia Steffe sale instead of three things at $10 EACH, and no, I did not alert the cashier to the error. This is the Desire shoe -- so effin' cute! I got it for $25 although you may have to pay $35 if you go. Which you totally should!

The sale is at 520 W. 27th Street, suite 601. The staff is really nice, offering to get you different sizes from the back, and they have sake and stuff if you would like to partake!

I'm actually for once sort of glad it looks shitty out today so I can wear my new plastic shoes. One of the FIVE SIX* pairs of rubber shoes I now own. (What????)

*Just realized: I also bought these vintage jellies (more clear than the gold they appear here) a week or two ago.


Sal said...

My jealousy knows no bounds. Gawd, I wish I could've been at that sample sale!

Quitesparkly said...

I'm totally green with envy. I NEED Lady Dragons.

Carina the Blogarina said...

Those gold ones are to die for! Are they the ones from y childhood to have in the water??

helen said...

Hi - I love the look of Melissa Shoes but have never had a chance to try them on.
That said, I have a couple of questions for you experienced Melissolytes.

1. I wear 9.5 . Do the shoes run big or small. IOW, for flats,should I go for 9 or 10?
2. Being rubber, do they get hot and sticky?

Thank you!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

I would say they run on the big side, since I am normally an 8 and some of the 8s feel a little big to me (however, not all of them). I would say you should try a 9 first.

As for hot and sticky, the only ones i really have experience wearing are the open-weave ones, and they didn't really feel too hot as a result. Not sure about the fully closed ones yet since I just bought 'em. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice!

pria said...

I absolutely adore the jelly shoes. Nice

Anonymous said...

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