Thursday, August 27, 2009

Topshop's Fall Boutique Designer Collabos: Footwear Picks From Preen, Ashish & Emma Cook

Well, at least they're bold. At your own risk, check out Topshop's boutique designer footwear collaborations for fall. Topshop's teamed up with Ashish, Preen, and Emma Cook, who's BRINGING BACK THE CREEPER! THE CREEPER LIVES! Everything's coming up '90s. And, yeah, I keep reading that the up-to-your-cooter booter's gonna be bigger than CRACK this fall, but eh? Pass.

Okay, wait. I WOULD wear these Emma Cook mushroom-colored suede platform Oxfords...

... And the Emma Cook dalmatian-print fringed pseudo-Creepers.

But Emma Cook's old-school zebra-print Creepers is where I ABSOLUTELY draw the line!

These Peter Jensen for Topshop batshit sky-high white boots are taller than two of me.

While these Preen For Topshop thigh-high suede boots are like taller than three of me.

I love Ashish, but sorry. Ziggahzig... do not want.
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