Friday, September 18, 2009

Hayden-Harnett: The Love Affair Continues

With a $400 security-deposit check in hand from a recent vacation rental, a.k.a. free money, I headed on down to Nolita at lunch today for the Hayden-Harnett studio and warehouse sale. And, as usual with one of their sales, they give you good price! One girl (possibly from Racked?) was doing some serious reporting, using her iPhone's recording feature to take notes on the cost of seemingly every single item in the store, a practice that would seem to miss the point: shoppping! (Hope you got something, intrepid reporter!) Rest assured that although the store is small and there doesn't seem to be the volume of stuff as at previous sample sales, there are deals: wallets for $40, dresses for $70, leather bags for $100 and up. My loot:

Hayden-Harnett Athena tote, regular price $548; sale price $219. I've been coveting a gorgeous gray bag for a couple of years now, and this one fits my criteria, which is basically: big and beautiful. It has no fewer than three compartments and plenty of pockets. And the cherry on top? The lining, in the "Boudoir" print, which you might recall I bought in scarf form a while back:

My other purchase was a gorgeous, classic black tote—again with a wowee lining:

The Hayden-Harnett Athena tote, regular price $464; sale price $186. I love the large outer pocket, the rivets, and most especially the swirly lining in bright green, blue, and white. Absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for work. And these bags will last me years, maybe even "forever" as the salesgirl assured me.

I'm almost tempted to check out the selection at the Greenpoint store....

Anyone else going? If you do, let us know about your scores!


Rock and Roll Mama said...

Oh, I went, sister. I went. I've been an HH devotee on Twitter for a while, and have about 8 bags- but when I learned I would be in NY for this, I was giddy. I changed my train to hit it.:) I also brought "free money"- (The very best kind for bag shopping!)
I came away with:
A Wyeth hobo, black, fringed
A pair of gray boots $50
2 black, flat bags that never made it into production, but which makes me luuuurve them- very cool details, and one fits my mackbook perfectly.
A tunic in the Boudoir print
A green wallet, teeny and adorable.
All for the price of one full priced bag, just over $500. Now, lord knows I am not allowed to go to any more HH sales.:) But OMG it was so fun!!!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

What a haul! Congrats! I want to see those black flat bags, and I'm jealous of your boots find. I couldn't see ANY shoes in size 8, of course. Possibly for the best....

Robo said...

Can I just say your acquisition of the grey bag made me extremely jealous? Whatever, I just said it. Well done, though, can't hate.

Anonymous said...

Is the first bag the Sonia tote??? i've been loving that style!!!

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