Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, Moto!

It took almost till the last day of September, but I've finally given up the summer ghost. That little spate of Indian summer was nice, to be sure, but as of yesterday, I've told myself no more open-toed shoes. Sweaters. Tights. BOOOOOOOOOOTS!!!!! And this means shopping. Hooo boy, do I love shopping. Here's what I picked up on two separate, very quick shopping stops yesterday. Shopping at its most efficient!

First, this awesome, faux-leather moto jacket from H&M. It has that washed/crinkly effect and I daresay it's quite good-quality faux leather.

It looks hot on, will go with lots of stuff in my closet, and was $49.99. SOLD!

Also scored at H&M (one of the last three remaining) was this great blousy print dress. It has a tiger on it.

ROWR! It was $29.99. SOLD!

That was my lunch break. After work, I was headed to a happy-hour party in Williamsburg. On the way, I stopped in to Mini Minimarket. There I found the following awesomeness:

Blowfish "Willis" booties, $83 at Zappos. I've never been a big ankle boot person, as I think in general you need to have skinny-minnie legs to pull them off, but these worked on me for some reason. I think. I love the wide opening and the chunky heel and the overall shape, and the bonus-fun purple interior.

I had a moment where I thought, Maybe I should look around, see what other ankle boots are out there, if ankle boots are indeed an option for me, and then I thought, No. These are obviously the booties for me. SOLD!

I also bought a pair of skinny jeans, partly to tuck into the ankle boots and party just because Levi's fit me really well and are really well priced. I think I got these Levi's Superlow 524 Poetic Skinny jeans, $32, in the "dark sky" wash.

And then I got some Hue tights in dark indigo and medium gray. I just hope I'll be able to pack them into my already overstuffed tights drawer.

Bring it, autumn!


Erin said...

I got those same booties just a month ago! They are the most comfortable and flattering booties I own. I don't have the skinny minnie problem, I have the "I actually need to walk in these boots and can we please not have the same ones my grandma wears but they're still affordable" problem.

Tamron Lohan said...

GIVE ME THE TIGER DRESS! YOU KNOW how I love a tiger!!!!!!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Get thee to H&M!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about me that I can never find something I truly love at H&M myself, but others always. My favorite are those boots! How perfect!

Gentlemanjoe said...

I love the Tiger Dress Too.

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