Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jonathan Adler Interviewed By Simon Doonan

Yesterday, on one of my mini, teeny tiny "training" walks for the Avon 3-Day Walk For Breast Cancer, which I'm doing in a few weeks (Wanna sponsor me?), I ended up at the Jonathan Adler store on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Please, just bury me there. It's the greatest store in this entire country. It makes me glad capitalism was created and currency was printed so I can spend it there. And, I'm not bullshitting you -- you can get a ton of great stuff there for under $100.

Anyway, watch this hilarious video (boo won't embed) of Jonathan Adler making pots while Simon Doonan asks him questions and discusses poo and fudge. Love.

my musing #3

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Also, PLEASE to enjoy ALL OF THIS AMAZING Jonathan Adler Barbie stuff!!!!!! I die!

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