Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Wedding Dress Love: Jovani (Plus A Few Gross Options For Prom!)

Jovani makes some wack-ass shit, to be sure. Especially in the prom dress department. Like, for example this PLAID, TAFFETA prom dress:

Plaid and taffeta -- never the two shall meet. Except for that they DID.

... And this prom dress that looks like 1,001 Dalmatians are now about 23 dalmatians short...

... And this dress, which makes me reconsider freedom of expression

But, aside from all of that, I must say, I think this 1930s/1940s-inspired Jovani wedding dress is completely gorgeous:
I'm not sure where you can buy it, but it's Jovani #195779320. Ask for it by name!

+ Classic Binge: When Prom Dresses Attack!

1 comment:

stylefyles said...

I agree with you on the wedding dress...gorgeous! Though I have to say, I also ADORE that plaid prom dress. The teen with the guts to wear it will be the belle of the ball!

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