Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gorj Manoush Pink Minidress -- Proceeds Benefit Breast Cancer Charity

Okay, can I say a bitchy thing real quick? I can because it's my blog! Okay, I think the breast cancer awareness pink product bandwagon is a little overly full. I am fully not trying to take away anyone who's had breast cancer or anyone trying to do their part to raise money or awareness. I mean, if you wanna put on a pair of pink socks and that makes you feel like you're doing your part, then, so be it. But my point is the breast cancer month pink products thing is slightly overboard. Though obviously any money raised toward breast cancer -- or any disease -- research is a good thing.

Anyway, that said, after seeing pitches for like everything short of breast cancer month Kleenex, flipflops, shoehorns, and pingpong balls, oh yeah, and the pink PedEgg (VOMMMMMMMMMMITTTTTTTT) I saw an amazing pink dress by Manoush.

($320, Manoush, eDressme.com)
10% of the price of this Manoush dress, as well as the rest of eDressme's pink dresses, benefit breast cancer research.

I shit you not.


Magalie said...

dang, u pull no punches do u?! lolol. honestly though, i can't help but agree - albeit in a somewhat less ranty way ;). i watch football and it was more than a bit much on sunday - pink cleats?! a half pink and everest green jets cap - seriously??

J. said...

Ped egg = gross...totally agree

pantherliwong said...

ya, i don't know if i really want to support the cure for cancer with skin flakes.

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