Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Dresses For Under $1,000! Thanks, Sue Wong

I just discovered L.A. designer Sue Wong's fantastic gowns, created with gorgeous Jazz Era-beading, tons of tulle, whimsical whispers of feather, and gorgeous gems, jewels and embellishments. And you KNOW how I love an embellishment. (Taylor Swift, Pink, Anne Hathaway, Christina Ricci and lots more lovely ladies have all worn Sue Wong's designs.) Now, these dresses aren't specifically designed as wedding dresses, but hi! That's part of why they're under $1,000 each! You could buy and wear THREE Sue Wong dresses in one night for the price of one actual wedding dress.

Check out a few Sue Wong dresses I'd rawk down the aisle in a hot second:

($578, Sue Wong,

($658, Sue Wong,

($518, Sue Wong,

($328, Sue Wong,

($508, Sue Wong,


christina said...

Such amazing dresses. Definitely gonna consider Sue Wong when I marry!

Trinity Lea said...

absolutely gorgeous, love the 4th one down!

i spent $800 on my dress, which almost plowed me over. i cannot imagine these women who spend 3 or 4 or more thousands of dollars on a dress!!!

lordsringby said...

Really gorgeous wedding dress. But I can barely afford it. :( Too expensive for me.

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