Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mittenberry! Free Your Thumbs And The Texts Will Follow

Guise. Ready for the cutest thing that's also functional? MITTENBERRY! They're a totally genius pairing of winter warmth AND THE POTENTIAL FOR THUMB FREEDOM. Seriously. They're mittens with removable thumb flaps... SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HANDS WARM AND TEXT! And not only can you remove the thumby flaps, but they actually stay down with the help of a cute little button. (Kinda like those olde-tymey PJs with the butt flap, except you don't need your butt to text.)

Mittenberry mittens are 100% wool and 100% cute. Get them at for $23.99 in snow white, light pink, or grey. And use "freeship" for, well... free shipping, obvz.

1 comment:

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Love them! But of course, how the heck are you supposed to button your thumb down when your fingers are imprisoned? Combine these shits with now-traditional "glittens," and I'm sold.

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