Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Give Me Liberty or Give Me...A Chop't Salad

I wish I could say a lot of things about the Liberty of London for Target pop-up shop at 42nd and 6th here in N.Y.C. I wish I could say I popped in and was delighted by the impossibly cute teapots and knickknacks and dresses. I wish I could say I was transported to a magical Alice in Wonderland-ish world of colorful cuteness, available for no more than the cost of a few cups of tea. I wish I could say I took a turn around the block on a flowery bike. Mostly, though, I wish I could say I popped in at all. I wish I did NOT have to say what actually happened, which is that I waited on line for 30 minutes, determined I'd be on line for another 20 at least, and that my life would be more improved by a Chop't salad and some tissues (this cold!) than by a floral piggybank.

I will try again in the morning, and Tamar and I are all set to road-trip to Jersey on Sunday for the official launch (this is serious business), but for the moment, here are my picks, based on Target's tiny pics:

Halter dress, $29.99. This is THE piece of the collection as far as I'm concerned. Kudos to the designers for making a beautiful dress that a woman can bend over in without worrying about flashing anyone, and kudos to Target for pricing it at $30 instead of the $50 and $60 and even higher I've seen in other designer collabs.

Tankini, $19.99 per piece.

Peacock swimsuit, $34.99. Maybe.

Flowerpot, $9.99. Because terra-cotta is kinda boring.

Piggybank! I lied; I totally need a floral-print piggybank. How else am I gonna save money? Deciding between this and the black and white. It's $9.99.

Chemise, $17.99. Uh, chemise, really? You wear this shit to bed? But it's so pretty! And she's wearing shoes! Further investigation required.

And that's just my picks of what's on the press page, which I think is incomplete. I see a lot more pillows and bedding, for instance, in the videos. And since my new cat has pissed on most of our throw pillows (thanks, Louie!), it's time to stock up.

For my money (as yet unspent), this is one of the best Target designer collections yet. Don't sleep, kids! The collection launches in stores Sunday. Developing!


Fashion Therapist said...

I can't wait for this collection to hit stores!

Anonymous said...

Love these beachy looks. So cute. Here are some for guys:

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