Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Buckle-Covered Ellington Leather Bag Is The Business

Buckles on boots? Well, sure! But BUCKLES ON A BAG? WHY is this not happening MORE often than like the go-round of Hayley's Comet? I mean, this buckle-covered leather bag by Ellington is really, truly the biznass.
($249, Ellington, Ellingtonhandbags.com)

Also, is it not the handbag version of the Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain multi buckle boot?

And hey! This does too! ;)
($197, Guess, Endless.com)


Kev McGovern said...

Fantastic bag!

Karin Walker said...

I love buckles too! I also love the zipper detailing right now as well. I have a new accessories website with fun trendy accessories that would look hot with these shoes! Flirtbop.com!

Christina said...

I absolutely love the boots.. esp the buckles and how they cover the heel!


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