Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Total Franklin Street Immersion, Y'all

I am somewhat weirdly excited about what's in store (pun intended!) for me this afternoon. My friend Amy and I, and with any luck our man-friends, will be hitting Greenpoint for the Total Franklin Street Immersion, a come-to-the-neighborhood push that involves a punch card, store discounts, and drink specials.

Drinking and shopping on a sunny Saturday! What could be better? I'm psyched. Read all about it at Brooklyn Based, who planned the whole shebang.

I'm hoping Dalaga has these cute swingy shorts, $58 (with 10 percent off today) and that they look cute on me. (UPDATE: They did, and they do.) I'm also looking for a change purse (didn't find), some new sunglasses (ditto), and maybe a new book at Word (I got Let the Great World Spin and The Girl Who Played With Fire). And it's 30 percent off at Binge enabler Hayden-Harnett (I got a skirt and a dress from their Cheap Thrills Pop-up Shop or whatever it's called for a grand total of $ thrills indeed!). Wish me luck!

I'm also hoping they don't run out of beer (I only got one mini beer, and even though I filled out my entire card, I didn't get a tote bag of gifts because they ran out.) Free Brooklyn Summer Ale!

See you on Franklin Street! (I'll totally be back.)

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