Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Daily Dresses

Lead me not into temptation with these cute, affordable dresses.

Tommy Hilfiger "Lizzie" dress, $125. So flirty, colorful, fun.

And on the other end of the spectrum....

Michael Michael Kors grommet dress, $99.50 to $109.50. Uh, what is up with that price structure? If you wear a 14 or larger, you have to pay ten more bucks? Really? Did that dress cost even an extra HALF yard of fabric to make? Did the seamstresses work an extra three hours on it? I call utter bullshit. That is just plain RUDE.

Loft painted stripe dress, $79.50.

Ella Moss "Taffy" dress, $92.90.

Finally, a PSA: If you live near an Anthropologie, check it out! They've got a major sale going; I learned about it from Effortless Anthropologie, who tirelessly tracks the store's sales and merchandise. I got three skirts for a grand total of 60 bucks yesterday. Cute ones, of course! They're not online, except for this one:

Odille "Late" skirt from Anthropologie, $19.95.

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