Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty For Real Makes My Favorite New Lip Gloss... For Real

Well, that's a lie. My all-time favorite lip gloss is MAC's "Squeeze It" from the 2008 Fafi collection (RIP!). But that was two years, probably 300 collections, and one sad-faced, scraped-dry tube ago. I haven't found a gloss I loved as much as MAC's "Squeeze It," but Beauty For Real's "Turned On" is a close second, if not a tie for first.

"Turned On" is my EXACT lip color -- a rosy mauve with hints of plum -- but better and with brilliant depth and dimension. PLUS it's got a subtle minty fresh tingle that cools and refreshes AND the applicator has a light inside, which complements the little mirror on the tube, so you can put it on (which I've been doing so often it's almost gone) in dim, date-night light situations. (Said mirror is also perfect for covert potential-crap-in-teeth checkings -- stuff in my teeth is my biggest social phobia.) It's perfect as a stand-alone gloss or, since it's basically an enhanced neutral, it's works perfectly over a matte lipstick. Oh, and there's zero tackiness, which means your mouth won't become a hair magnet. Because that's disgusting.

Beauty For Real was founded by Leslie Munsell, a makeup artist and former color cos­met­ics creator for Aveda. She's also, clearly, a genius.

(Credit: Beautyforreal.com)

Check out Beauty For Real's nine shades of lip gloss -- if your lips aren't made even more perfect by one of these shades, then there's probably just no hope for you. (Just kidding! There's probably hope for you!)

Me + Beauty For Real = Really Into It

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botchick said...

I actually noticed your lip color at the shower! FOR REAL.

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