Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epic Barbra Streisand Photos

Sometimes when I feel like looking up awesome photos, I Google photos of Barbra Streisand from the 1960s and 1970s. She did every fashion fad BIG TIME, from demure princess evening gowns to flat-out Valley Of The Dolls shit. And don't even get me started on her '80s looks.

Look how tan and fit she was!

She even had a grunge/ bank robber look!

But THIS! This has to be the most wackadoo photo of Barbra Streisand EVAR:
So, apparently the backstory was High Society magazine, which was neither High nor Society, published a photo of Babs' boob. Babs sued and won. I would imagine Barbra Streisand has excellent legal assist.

Anyway, the High Society cover was ripped from a still of her in "What's Up Doc."

And CHECK OUT THAT OUTFIT. Amazing. I beseech you. Does loungewear get better than this? No.


Pink Julep said...

I just adore Babs! And when I was young and an acting teacher would say I should change something about myself, my dad would always say "They told Barbara to change her nose and if she had, she wouldn't be the Babs we all know and love and would never have been as famous!" So I love her even more! Great photos!

lottieee said...

great photos of a true fashion icon :)

Amber Katz said...

Tamz. I'm adoring this Babs retrospective. I have to call
Carol and discuss! It's making me crave PoTT RoasTT.

Sophie said...

The High Society one is classic. Thanks for the post.

selinaoolala said...

i'm very inspired, thank you for posting!

ninski123 said...

You have no idea how funny that sentence: "-published a photo of Babs' boob" was to me.
That's because Babs means boob in danish, so it was like "-published a photo og boob's boob." HAHA xD I do love Babs though :) (barbra, not boobs)

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