Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's On My Desktop? Patrick Nagel, Anthropomorphic Cats, Me & Kid Rock & More

Unlike what's in your bag or on your vanity, what's on your computer desktop is, if you're me, like the contents of a digital junk drawer: there's probably some stuff you might "need" in there, but basically you should really just clean it out. I save photos like little pieces of remnant fabric or tear sheets-- I had good intentions of using them for some project or another, but in all probability, I'll probably never do anything with them.

So, here are a few ridiculous things collecting digital dust, if you will, on my desktop. This is almost like pulling down my pants and exposing myself, but there's some pretty hilarious shit here, and my desktop is basically a direct reflection of my undying love for Perlorian-style, anthropomorphic photos of cats, Deco, crafts, the '80s, and an unknowable amount of kitsch. Oh, and animals dressed like lobsters. In other words, it just had to be shared.

Patrick Nagel painting. He did Duran Duran's 1983 "Rio" album. In my fantasy life, my house look like the set of Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love" video, and I have a huge room of only Nagel paintings -- like the Tate Modern's room of Mark Rothko's Seagrams paintings -- and I go there to be alone with my kitschy thoughts and dreams.

My version of cooking.


Uh, yes that's me and the Jonas Brothers. It was FOR WORK, okay? Job perk. Or occupational hazard depending on who you ask.

Shooting a piece with Kid Rock. He was actually quite genteel and smelled like the sweet smell of Detroit-based country-rap success.


Also self-explanatory.

Again, anthropomorphic animals.

The original Black Barbie (sorry, Nicki Minaj). I love "Notorious K.I.M."-era Lil Kim and the naughty Candyland theme David LaChapelle created for her. "No Matter What They Say" is the JUMP. OFF.

Yes, that's a teenaged Elizabeth Taylor. With a kitten in her pocket. Obviously.

Mayim Bialik in a 1993 issue of "People." I looked EXACTLY like her in the early '90s, and I only helped matters by owning one of those Blossom hats with the flowers.

This has become somewhat of a mantra at work. One of us will be stressed out and/or having a bad (hair) day, and someone will email this. It never fails to get a laugh. An amazing comment from one of my coworkers: "Why aren't we this horse?" SO true.

That Dog's "Retreat From The Sun" is still one of my all-time favorite albums, up there with Jeff Buckley's "Grace" and Rufus Wainwrights' "Poses" and self-titled albums (at my wedding, we "recessed" to the song "April Fools") I know every word, lyric, and every harmony.

I'd frame this and put it on my wall.

I have no viable or realistic explanation for this.

Holy shit. LOOK at my eyeshadow. It's so bad. I probably don't have to point out he fact that it goes up to my eyebrows, right? Because it does. That's obvious.

A tote bag I hand embroidered using a vintage iron-on pattern.

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