Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You're REALLY Gonna Need This Nautical Striped Blazer From LOFT

UPDATE: Check out LOFT's nautical striped blazer in all of its glory!

($98, Loft)

Last night I went to the LOFT Holiday 2010 presentation, and while I liked what they were doing with subtle updates to winter classics -- the preppy tweed skirt below with a black silk overlay -- I left with one piece on my YES PLEASE list. The nautical striped wool blazer above. Is it a Givenchy's Springl 2010 blue and white striped blazer? Who can say? But I love the idea of warm wool jacket in a theme usually associated with warmer months. (More cool Breton striped tops here at Dreamhaute.)

And check out that Karen Walker/ Coco Chanel-inspired Breton striped top with a cute floral overlay. Cute on its own or layered under a blazer or safari jacket. I'm into it!

Oh, and speaking of safari jacket, I've been meaning to pick up Loft's safari jacket for forevs. Laziness alone has been a barrier to my owning that jacket:
($79.50, LOFT)
Seriously though, put aside your Mom-jeans conception of LOFT, because they're really stepping their game up (if you're not getting a J.Crew-y vibe already.) And they LOVE a sale. I got an amazing pair of black pegleg harem pants that look like Vanessa Bruno/ Phillip Lim for like $19. They practically paid me to buy them. Point is: LOFT = LOVE


Jennifer from TheSampleSale said...

I love the subtle details on that safari jacket. Looks light enough to wear on cool summer nights too.

Jennifer from The Sample Sale

Kara Marie said...

i work there and i think i already own everything in that store! its so practical..i cant wait for the fall clothing, the new designer they have rocks!

Kristi said...

I'm not even close to being a mom and not even close to their target customer but I swear by the Loft! Perfect for staple items to look classically fashionable. It's no surprise they made such a great sweater-- can't wait to see it in person!

Love your posts! Come visit me at

Eden said...

I love the coral top with the pom-pom! Different, and I love that.

D&D said...

i love loft.

that's all.

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