Friday, August 06, 2010

A Fish... Ball... Called... Tamar

So, my real name is not "Tamron Lohan." It's Tamar. Five simple letters, but it's pretty unusual in that "not-a-Jennifer" way. Growing up in the '80s, AKA the Golden Age Of Personalization, when every kid could just waltz into the drug store and pick out a rainbow pencil with "Lisa" on it or a souvenir license plate keychain that said "Amy," I felt totally screwed because the closest I could ever find to Tamar was either "Tamara" (WRONG! NOT ME!) or "Tammy," which is deffffinitely not me. Anything personalized had to be custom-made. Because I'm high maintenance.

So, you could imagine the mixed bag of emotions I just experienced when looking at Kisan Concept Store's site and discovering that this... thing...

... called a "fish ball," is also called, "Tamar."

Huh??? Wha? I don't really get it either. And I am, as far as I know, not affiliated in any way shape or form with Daily Candy (though I do enjoy reading it), Kisan (though it is a cool store and has an amazing selection of Tsumori Chisato and a really cute selection of jewelry and super-affordable gifts), and/or fish balls. But in case it's somehow named after/ for me, then... thanks? I guess? I always dreamed of having my very own fish ball.

1 comment:

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Only $280 for a Tamar! A bargain, to be sure!

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