Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hessnatur Makes The Only Pants You'll Need This Fall + A Sick Leather Jacket For Just $200

I'm glad we don't, but if we lived in a one-pant Communist nation where we were forced to wear just one pair, I'd happily go with these gorgeous grey pleated wool pants from Hessnatur, which is a German sustainable clothing brand. It's eco-chic, as I like to call apparel that's good for the environment and doesn't look like matted, mangled, gnarled dreads in the form of clothing.

($198, Hessnatur, us.hessnatur.com)
These 100% wool grey trousers are just lovely, and that's thanks to Spanish designer Miguel Adrover, who partnered with Hessnatur, hence that gorgeous sheen, slight taper and smart volume. I love the idea of styling them with a darker charcoal top or just a fitted black shirt and a snug leather jacket, like these:

($199, Old Navy, Oldnavy.com)
Uh, can you believe this sick leather jacket is from OLD NAVY of all places? Diagonal details, wide collar, and zipper details!??! YaRLY!
($856, Graham & Spencer, Nordstrom.com)
Usually I abide by a strict "no brown clothing" rule, but I'd consider breaking that ban for this gorgeous distressed brown leather jacket. Love the texture and the slightly '80s draping.

... Speaking of things that VAGUELY sound like "draping," let's play word association. Draping? Okay. DON DRAPER. Boom. Gratuitous Don Draper photo:

Jon Hamm. My favorite type of ham.


D&D said...

idk. i'm sensing a bag case of diaper butt in those trousers.

laura said...

um, i'm late to the table on this one, but i thought you preferred honey baked.

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