Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yes to Tuesday, and Yes to Fall!

Oh yes. Today, not only did I buy an awesome Kooba bag for $100, I also bought an awesome lipstick and attended an awesome rock show by the vagenious Marnie Stern. I'm living the good life, people.

Kooba Peyton bag in an unusual but highly versatile dark-green color, $346 online but only $100 in the sample room at the Kooba sale (and who cares if the lining looks like Freddy Kruger had a go at it). It's my new fall bag, and I love it.

After that I stopped by Sephora to kill some time and ended up buying the NARS lipstick in Shrinagar, $24. Berry-tastic. Feels right. Also very fall!

I also applied, but did not purchase, this fantastic dark gray eyeliner: Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in stormy grey, $19. Making oneself up for the evening at Sephora is a good way to kill 30 minutes, I promise. (I already have this pencil in black gold; may have to supplement soon.)

Finally, Marnie Stern has a new album out today. You should go buy it (at least check out "For Ash"), and if she comes to your town, you should totally go see her play. (She might talk about vaginas a tad too much, but maybe when she comes to your town she will be able to get through more than one song without yapping.)

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