Friday, February 11, 2011

I Actually Didn't Buy These Shoes. For Once.

My darling coworker, MTV Twitter Jockey Gabi Gregg, who also runs Young, Fat and Fabulous, had on a great pair of studded boots. I was like, point blank: I'm buying those. Until I realized I own about seven pairs of black boots. At which point nly my spotty, waning sense of financial propriety kept me from buying these really fun studded boots from ModCloth. Ugh. I hate being a grownup sometimes.

By the way, LOTS more stuff to post from the Lucky FABB Conference, great stuff I bought, etc. Silly work keeps getting in the way though! I was on a social media panel, like a fancy person, and I did a bunch of radio press about the Grammys today. So if you live in Arizona or Alaska and heard someone blabbering about bloody Lady Gaga, that was me. And if you're interested in Britney Spears, well we're premiering her video on on Thursday. DAMN YOU, BRITNEY! FOR KEEPING ME FROM FASHION BLOGGING!


calla said...

cute boots, needs more studs though!


The College Barbie said...

oh the boots are cute. I wouldn't have them any more bedazzled though. I'd feel a little Clarissa Explains it All.

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