Friday, March 11, 2011

SPONSORED POST: Worshipping At The Altar Of AllSaints

If you don't have an AllSaints within driving distance (though I guess, to paraphrase the late, great most everything's driving distance if you have the time), I feel very very sorry for you. In fact, you should probably consider moving. I mean, that's reasonable, right? (No, no it's not.)

So, I first discovered the British high street retailer (not to be confused with All Saints the British GIRL GROUP) when I went to Scotland in 2006 and stared, slack-jawed into the windows at the ominous simplicity of the shop's name spelled out in somewhat imposing bulbs and the stark display of all black (not to be confused with the New Zealand rugby team!) drapey, slouchy dresses and leather jackets. It was like Topshop's moody big sister moved to town. And, thankfully, AllSaints DID move to town in May of 2010. As psyched as I was for Topshop to open (love Topshop but – and here’s where I sound old – it’s so loud and bright and full of young people that I feel like I woke up in a rave), AllSaints is to Topshop as PJ Harvey is to Britney Spears. The rugged, rough-hewn, industrial, vaguely Steampunk design of the shop – floor-to-ceiling vintage sewing machines, World War II-era aviation artifacts and ephemera -- is worth the trip alone. You feel like you’re shopping in a converted airplane hanger (instead of what used to be that hideous, harrowing Michael K). Even my husband, whose reaction to shopping for clothing is akin to placing a cat in a pillowcase, walked into the men’s section and instantly said “Woah. I think this is coolest store I’ve ever seen."

And, speaking of AllSaints’ men’s, I actually most love their men’s selection (though their women’s shoes are enough to make me cry happy tears), particularly their leather jackets. The snug, second-skin fit, super-soft feel and distressed-disheveled style is super modern (none of those bulky bomber jacket nonsense). The other great thing about All Saints’ mens’ jackets is that they’re stylish enough for a man, but tailored enough for a woman’s body. (Did you get that I was trying to make a deodorant joke? You did? Okay good.)

Anyway, I take back what I said earlier, about how if you don’t live near an AllSaints then I feel bad for you. f you don’t live in the UK or New York, it's okay. (Besides! That's just a rude thing to think or say). AllSaints stores are multiplying like rabbits. And, there's always the Internet, which, like New York, is always open 24 hours a day. Thank sweet baby Jehu.
($620, AllSaints)

AllSaints Jacket

The Other All Saints


Nomadic D. said...

I love All Saints (the store, not the band). The closest one to me right now (I'm in Madrid) is in London, which I think is a good thing, because if there was one nearby I think it would be my ruination.

Kaye said...

I love All Saints! I first discovered it in London, and was so excited when one opened in Boston. However, the prices over here are REDIC! Even adjusting for exchange rates circa 2006 ($2 = 1 pound), All Saints in London's prices were reasonable. At least they have amazing sales.

Don't even get me STARTED on the rude staff...

Amber Katz said...

I love that there were a few questions that All Saints needed to know. Not ANSWERS. Great post.

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