Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forever In Search Of Leopard Print

My affinity for leopard print pants has gone from casual to fully committed.

Not only did I purchase these leopard print harem pants recently:
($24, ShopNastyGal.com)
... And not a second too soon, because I don't know if you heard, but within two seconds it went from "pleasantly spring-esque" to "ancient Egypt-hot" here in New York, so these were the perfect alternative to shorts, which everyone knows suck.

... But I also just bought the leopard print chiffon pants I blogged about and threatened to buy.

Which brings me to the third (and, let's be honest, probably not the final) pair of leopard print pants I recently spotted (harrr -- get it? spotted?) and will probably buy:

I went to the Forever 21 fall editor's preview and got way into this chick's leopard print pants. (WAIT. I didn't mean like I PHYSICALLY got into them. I didn't sexually, nor did I PUT them on, because let's be real -- I couldn't actually fit into that model's pants. That's why they're on her.) They're kinda almost leggings and not quite harem pants. The fact that they're not too tight keep them from looking too "hubba hubba" hookery.

(I'll let you guess which photo was professionally shot and which was taken by me on my BlackBerry, by the way. The suspense is probably killing you right now, isn't it?)

When she was pregnant with me, my mother probably didn't ever pat her belly and think "I'll bet my little unborn daughter will some day be physically unable to restrain herself from buying leopard print pants!" But, things don't always turn out as planned!

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Life as Leah said...

I love those pants too!! And you're right, the fit is perfect!

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