Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Handbag HOTNESS: Katherine Kwei Is Like To Die

You say Prada or Fendi or Celine or whatever, I say Katherine Kwei. The Chinese-American New York handbag designer is single-handedly responsible for making some of the most visually interesting handbags on the market. Take a looksee below, won't you?

Katherine Kwei's tell-tale trademark is her use of Chinese knotting, which makes for a bag with -- believe it or not -- depth and intrigue. Not just like "oh that's pretty" kinds of bags. Bags that are like "woah... that's actually interesting." And ohh the tactile joys -- you've quite literally got to get your hands on one of her bags to experience the indulgent pursuit of just coming into tactile contact with knotted leather. Oy. Heavenly.

LOOK at that handiwork. And enmeshed with gorgeous off-whites and silvers is about the only way I can think of to make a bright orange bag go from "OMG-MY-EYES-GET-IT-OFF-OF-ME" to "yes indeed."

($1820, Katherine Kwei,
The Leila bag is a pretty bag for a pretty penny, but in the world of luxury bags, it's almost a steal. (Is that sad or bad or wrong?) Also, you can get 20% off through May 8 with keyword "mothersday." Thanks, moms!
($600, Katherine Kwei,
The almost too-perfect Donna sling bag in orange batik. It's like Coachella in the form of a gorgeous handbag.

(Disclosure: I was gifted a bag.)
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