Saturday, May 14, 2011

LOFT Is Basically GIVING IT Away

For a while now I've been writing about LOFT and how they've totally turned the store around in the past few years. Years ago I'd thought of it as like "meh" momwear (granted, at the time I was dressing like a Spice Girl with like silver eye shadow, cropped tanks with the Union Jack flag and some crazy Gaga-esque hot pink crinkle skirts and other monstrosities, so what did I know?), but they've truly stepped it up with on-point designs -- I can't you the number of jaws I've had to retrieve from the floor when ladies be askin' where my super-soft chambray shirt or black silk ankle-length pants or black motorcycle jeans with ankle zippers and I tell them LOFT. Anyway. LOFT = get involved. Great silky grown-up-but-not-stuffy blouses and EXCELLENT dressy dress pants that aren't mom pants at redick prices because they're NEVER not having a sale. Speaking of which, LOFT is having a MEGA sale today, Saturday, May 14. It's their Summer Style Event, and basically, you get 30% off of your ENTIRE purchase, and get a $25 savings card for every $50 you save. Yahiknowright? Get on that.

Also, if you have NO intention of leaving your house today -- and I get that -- you can save 30% online with promo code MAYSE14E AND you can also enter LOFT’s “My Perfect Summer Getaway” sweepstakes for the chance to win a trip to Mexico, NEW Mexico, Maine or... why not... Minnesota. (Hey, a vacation's a vacation), and other stuff like a $1,000 LOFT gift card (that's a LOT of silk blouses).

Enter by liking LOFT on Facebook.

($69.50, LOFT)

CRAZY cute wide-legged flare sailor jeans! Looks like they're sold out in all but size 16 (BECAUSE THEY'RE THAT CUTE -- EVERYBODY WANTED THEM!) -- but hopefully they'll restock them. Also, if you're a size 16 and you love these flares, then you're in luck.

(49.99, LOFT)

Someone call the cuteness police and ARREST this jacket on grounds of being TOO PERFECT for spring. Look at that collar! The fun drawstrings! BREAKIN' THE LAW!

+ Disclaimer: LOFT generously sent me a gift card.

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