Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Forever 21 & World Wildlife Fund's Caused-Based Cuteness

As a grown-ass woman whose browsing history is about 72 percent kittens, I feel like the World Wildlife Fund's tee-shirt collaboration with Forever 21 somewhat justifies my somewhat unhealthy predisposition toward thinking about animals, Googling them, Googling baby horses, collecting cat jpegs, plastering my friends' Facebook walls with photos of baby animals and other behaviors unbecoming of an adult.

The Forever 21 World Wildlife Fund t-shirt collabo hits stores in July. The photo-print (LOVE a photo print!) collection consists of three tanks and fives tees, so collect 'em all. Each shirt is $14.80, and $1 from each shirt sold will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. The tees look a little short, which I'm not that into, but the polar bear tank melts my heart in a way that I wish global warming were not melting the earth.

Eee! A baby gorrilla!
Eee! An elephant!

Yiii! Panda!

ZOMG! A baby polar bear face!

GAH! Baby leopard be my friend!




Not part of the collection, but I wish.
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