Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cougar Boots Will NEVER EVER EVER Get Your Feet Wet EVER

I say this because the folks at Canadian boot company Cougar Boots kindly sent me a pair of their snow boots, and these things are LEGIT. But if these boots weren't the best damn thing (yes, I quoted Avril -- so what?? I'm celebrating Canada, okay?), I would not be sitting here singing typing their praises. After going through about four crappy, inferior pairs of snow boots last year, I wore Cougar's Ringo Star (HEE!) snow boots all winter, trudging through Brooklyn's most obscene, grotesque snow piles. (Snow in New York is beautiful for approximately 14 seconds until it turns into frozen sculptures of sludge, garbage, and dog waste the color of the bottom of a used ash tray.) Not so much as the tippy-tip of the toe of my sock got wet, and zero percent cold got inside. Ever. They're engineered to withstand something like 1 billion degrees below zero. Okay, that's dramatic, but, like a Thermos, they magically keep everything hot and toasty. And they're deceptively light-weight. I'd wear these boots to bed if that weren't a bad idea.

Anyway, Cougar's Ringo Star boots come up about to the knee, so they're perfect for when you've got some serious snow banks to contend with. This year I tried out the Marla ankle boot, which is a very very cute brown lined hiking boot with a reasonable heel. I always kinda eye-rolled girls who wear heels in the snow, but I'm kind of a convert due to two factors: 1.) comfort; 2.) cuteness. I've actually taken to wearing these just because it's cold out since they look so cute and lady-rugged with skinny jeans.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going outside to track down the mail-carrying individual to see if my Gap military parka is finally here, because you know it's look tight with these boots. (Yes, the jacket's considerably overpriced, but my sister got it for me with her 60% off coupon -- HOLLAR BACK AT THAT!) 
 $168, Gap

Okay, in summation, you should consider no other snow boots than Cougar. And if you do, and your feet get all soggy and wet when it snows, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Lani Love said...

i was actually looking at these boots just last weekend cause i remembered Erin reviewing Cougar boots last winter. then i googled and a handful of bloggers have been reviewing them.

i'm a little sad i wasn't invited to review these cuties, but you're endorsing them, so i'm sold.

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