Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Silk Pants Perfect For Spring (And Perfect For Me!)

Besides going commando (which I don't do -- EW, sorry, but that mysterious lint needs somewhere to go, and that's what underwear are for, so, no thank you!), there's nothing more freeing than wearing silk pants in the spring and summertime. I'm working on filling my closet with nothing but slouchy silk (or silk-y -- sometimes a girl's gotta go poly, so don't hate) pajama-inspired pants.

Also, if I may, please, a word on height. Let's debunk that you-have-to-be-tall-to-wear-baggy-pants myth. I'm short. Like Gary Coleman-short. And believe it or not, slouchy silky pants cut a sophisticated silho -- just like skinny jeans, except the complete pants opposite. Pair the busy prints with a solid silk or cotton tank with and a billion necklaces, and pair the solids with a busy tank or a buttoned-up button-down and Oxfords for my favorite look, the Duckie.

(L - R $70, Topshop; $150, Topshop; $285, Surface To Air x Kim Gordon, Gargyle)

($220, Sjobeck, SjobeckMalibu.com; Fluxus, available June 2012 at Fluxusbrand.com)

Teach me how to Duckie.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I love the silk pants! I have been trying to fill my closet with them as well. Summer is going to be so refreshing when I get to wear these pants.




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