Saturday, July 07, 2012

The New Black = My New Favorite Nail Polish

Normally I wouldn't impulse buy eight nail polishes within thirty seconds of walking into a Sephora (okay, that's a total fucking lie), but apparently all a brand needs to do is arrange eight mini polishes in a rainbow spectrum set and have them placed within approximately eight feet of the store's entrance, and I turn into the type of consumerist zombie marketers dream of, because I grabbed this cute "Runway" eight-pack, walked to the counter and plunked down $32 (while drooling blood). 

$32, The New Black,
The New Black is by Nicole Ostoya and Robin Coe-Hutshing, founders of Goldgrenade. They're clearly people who understand how easily I can be led into temptation -- again, basically like a zombie sherpa -- when it comes to nail polish.

My faves of the lot are Horchata Cream, which is that cool putty color on the far right and Orange Crush, which has a cool jelly finish. Big ups to the staying power -- I judge nail polish wear time by the number of showers I can take without it all going to shite, and this polish stays on for approximately four showers. 

Check out the selection at HSN and this cute "Walrus Ombre" five-pack and two-fer from Nordstrom:
$22, The New Black, Nordstrom

$10, The New Black, Nordstrom
PS: Here is the current state of my nail polish collection. I'm afraid I qualify for "Buried Alive: Nail Polish Hoarders." This is a cry for halp.

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