Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Henri Bendel's Mesh Handbags Really Make Me Wish I Had A Genie So I Could Magically Make It Spring, You Know?

Henri Bendel's spring 2013 handbags are 2 rill 2b ignored, y'all. That excellently '80s mesh and leather asymmetrical situation and two -- TWO! -- neon cork bags make me wish I had a genie so I could ask for these three wishes: 1.) No winter. 2.) These three bags, pronto (get it in the morning like Alonzo), oh, and 3.) An end to diseases and war. I should probably bump that last wish up and make it a bigger priority, right?
 Debutante messenger, $450, available at Henri Bendel in April

The Blair, $298; The Deb wristlet, $128, available at Henri Bendel in March


Amy Catherine said...

It's spring here on the east coast of Australia but Henri Bendel don't ship across the pond. Fashion girls dilemmas. Perhaps send the genie this way once you are done.


Lani Love said...

god, those bags are so fantastic, especially the bottom two!

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