Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ooh! Introducing Deborah Lippmann's GIRLS Nail Polishes!

Surprise surprise -- I'm a liberal 30-something (early 30s, mind you!) middle class white woman who grew up in the suburban Midwest (what up, Mayfield Heights!), went to summer camp, enjoys blogging (obviously) and karaoke, and lives in Brooklyn with a premium cable package. Of COURSE I watch and love "Girls." I know how on the nose that is, and my fuck tank is totally empty. No fucks to give about falling directly into that cultural stereotype trap. I also happen to think Deborah Lippmann is the best thing to happen to nail polish since, basically, the invention of nail polish. So check out her "Girls" nail polishes (I'm the Hannah Hapless Hunter Green and the Shosh Virtuous Vivid Violet) and just say to no crack (and coke).

+ Deborah Lippmann "Girls" limited-edition polishes are available Feb. 1, 2013.

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