Thursday, February 07, 2013

MadeMe's Cat Bomber Jacket Is The Apotheosis Of Cat Fashion. IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Cat lovers, closet cat ladies, beardo kawaii types and all y'all just plain unafraid to wear cat clothing loud and proud, the way cat clothing was meant to be worn: Here it is. The apotheosis of cat fashion. MadeMe's cat bomber jacket. This is the Sistine Chapel of cat clothes. The "Odyssey." The "Twin Peaks." Y'all rockin' with the best right here. It will NEVER EVER EVER get better than MadeMe's cat bomber jacket.This is real. This is really really happening. There's a cat on this fucking jacket, and it's about to give you the fucking business. It's business time, and the time for this cat bomber jacket is now. Who's with me?



According to MadeMe founder Erin Magee, the cat bomber jacket is all up
in Patricia Field, so you can go there and pet it and name it and take
it home.

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