Monday, April 08, 2013

Good Luck Getting Your Brain Around TBA's Crystal Photo Print Dress

To Be Adored/ aka TBA's crystal dress is the hybridic apex of two of my favorite trends: the crystal trend and the photo-realistic print trend. I can't. But also, like, I definitely can rationalize buying this, because it's basically like getting two trends in one, right? Right! Also, I think TBA stands for Tamar Blatantly Adores. Because I do. I honestly do.
$245, To Be Adored, Bonadrag
Also, the excellent Bowery boutique Dagny & Barstow carries the TBA crystal top. A note on Dagny & Barstow: almost nothing in the joint is under a hunny, but if you're gonna B(low) M(oney) F(ast), that's definitely the spot to do it.

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