Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dr Martens' Hincky Boots Are Basically Bringing A Smile To My Feet

Dr. Martens have kinda been on a total winning streak recently. Recently I made these pink leopard print Docs my bitch, and I'd say we're both better for it:
$130, Dr Martens

And just like you can't just get one tattoo, you can't really just have one pair of Docs...

$130, Dr Martens
Which is why I may have to make their Hincky smiley face boots my next Doc acquisition. How could these not bring a smile to your feet? I also like how he looks like he's drunk hiccuping, which makes them the perfect pair to wear when I'm hopping over puddles of barf and God-knows-what-yellow-bodily-fluid-that-was on the streets of New York! (COME VISIT!)

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