Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Instagram Marshmallows And Vibrating Animal Butt Phone Charms: All Of Your Holiday Gift Dilemmas SOLVED!

Is there a better world to live in than the world that affords you the ultimate first-world opportunity to print out your Instagrams onto EDIBLE MARSHMALLOWS!?!? (Also, lest you ride me about excess and holidays being about giving and not getting, and Americans are terrible consumerists, which is, to be fair, true, I donated to UNICEF, WNYC, God's Love We Deliver, and usually give to Be The Match around the holidays, so get bent.)


Boomf: Your food and cat photos or whatever, printed onto marshmallows for just $19
Witness the miracle fusing of technology and gelatin by giving the gift of Boomf (these people were 1000 percent correct in assuming there's a market for Insta-mallows because, hi, me), where you can print out nine Instagrams onto REAL, EDIBLE MARSHMALLOWS for approximately $19. What you do with them is your business. Is it weird or cool that I want to print out a bunch of Peeps and make super meta marshmallows?

Not feeling Boomfs for that hard-to-shop-for person you don't really like anyway? Get to gettin' to these vibrating animal butt charms for phone. And if you don't know anyone who'd like either of these gifts, then you're probably hanging out with the wrong people.

Rakuten.co.jp, via Rocketnews24

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