Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let This Photo Of Blanche Devereaux Punching A Fisherman Be Your Guide

Hi, anyone who still reads FashionBinge or arrived here because you're a spambot! I swear I'll get back into blogging/ word-vomiting soon. Right now I'm face-deep in some books, travel (Minneapolis, Chicago, Gulf Shores Alabama for work) a container of Talenti (Banana Chocolate Swirl, specifically), an enormous work project, and weighing the pros and cons of getting Botox for sweat, because, EW, SUMMER. EW! Until then, enjoy this photo of Blanche Devereaux punching a fisherman in the 1989 "Golden Girls" episode entitled "Love Under the Big Top," in which Blanche and Rose stage a protest to save the dolphins.

Credit: Getty

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