Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buyer's Remorse, Part 572

I am wearing a weird outfit today. For some reason, when in search of a pencil skirt, which I am loving these days as they convey a nice professional look, I decided to purchase this somewhat less-professional green polka-dotted number from forever 21. I thought, hey, this is kind of fun, it fits me perfectly, and it's only 17 cents. Why not? And then it hung in my closet, mocking me. "I am a green polka-dotted skirt," it informed me on a daily basis. "Why did you buy me? What on earth are you going to wear with me? I am ridiculous!" Today, mostly out of desperation, I forced myself to wear it, pairing it with a heather gray t-shirt, my beloved tan Target flats (of which I have two pairs; seriously, ladies, look into these), and a green jersey scarf that I thought might play up the fun factor a bit. I think I might just look like i got confused on the way to the preppy party, though. Thoughts? (Be gentle.)


ms. spinach said...

hmmm... pencil skirts are tough to pull off, and polka-dots are even harder to pull off. the combination of the two... wow. sort of complicatedly mind-blowing.

here is what i think:
1) if i wear a pencil skirt, i have to wear heels. (this could just be my body type. but there's something about pencil skirts that, to me, scream "please, elongate your body as much as possible!"

2) so, now i'm in the polka dots and a nice heel. maybe even a pink heel? (why not play up the dot-retro factor a bit?) but the top has me stumped. mainly because it's a green-on-white polka dot -- i don't think i want to wear a white top, because i'll be too white. i don't think i want to wear a green top, because... meh. i think i'm going with navy. and so i'm switching my heel to a navy heel.

3) okay, i've got a cute little navy top, a green and white polka-dot skirt and a cute spiky navy heel. probably go with a white bag, either a litle clutch (for night) or a bigger tote (for day). maybe some white vintage bangle bracelets.

4) phew, i'm exhausted, and i'm not even sure I like my outfit. (this would be the part of getting dressed where we're walking out the door and i suddently go, "i don't feel like myself!" and run back to change into jeans and some sort of topshop top while mike sighs and sinks into the chair bewilderedly.)

tough one. i'm pretty much stumped.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

whoa. longest comment EVAH!

to start: i agree that heels are ideal with pencil skirts, but i also think they can look good with the right flats (and a little confidence). i thought about pink heels but decided it was a little too cutesy. tan seemed the way to go. but i decided on the flats b/c i have a longer walk from the subway these days, and i personally think those tan flats go with pretty much everything. and i decided to go neutral all around so as to offset the ridicululity (sure, it's a word) of the pattern, see. and maybe my cherry nipple bag pulls it all together? (i doubt it.)

anyway, ms. spinach, thanks for your careful consideration.

p.s. i love how you need to "elongate your body" but you're six feet tall. heh.

ms. spinach said...

yeah, i was having a tough time with that one. but i spent so much time thinking/writing about it that i decided to post anyway.

because: comments! whoo hoo.

Tamron Lohan said...

Yeah, I was going to say: Ms. Spinach needs to elongate herself as much as I need breast implants! MK, I don't think you were too far off w/ the tan shoes, but this is EXACTLY why we all need a PERFECT pair of tan heels. Makes ones legs look even longer. Especially mine, which need all of the length they can get.

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