Thursday, June 22, 2006


Good news! American Apparel has come to the rescue once again, having just satisfied my crazy-New-York-things-to-do fashion needs at virtually the last minute (see also: Polar Bear Plunge). see, Christine IM'd me today, telling about how she'd spent her lunch break at M&J trim stocking up for her Mermaid Parade costume. Now, I've totally known I wanted to go to the Mermaid Parade, because I've never been after all these years. and I sort of knew I wanted to dress up, but I hadn't really, truly considered it, because a) I've never been a bikini girl and b) I couldn't really think of any friends who'd want to do it with me. But then I just said "fuck it," remembering this pro-bikini post from Bunnyshop, and thinking that this might just be the summer I turn into a bikini girl. And so off to American Apparel I went, hoping for a green bikini. And hey: green bikini! With my long green tiered boho skirt from last summer transformed into a tail, a little gold body glitter, and some flowers in my hair, I think I'll be good to go. All hail Neptune!

Worth noting, also, is that I additionally purchased some of their little lounge shorts (in asphalt/fuchsia), and I love love love them. Perfect for sitting around one's bedroom in 90-degree heat.

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