Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yummy, Yummy Bags

In certain circles, I am known for my colorful bags. Even if you're dressed boringly, which I try my hardest not to (but sometimes it happens), a bright, fun bag makes it all okay. I say there's almost nothing better than a white wifebeater and jeans with an eye-popping bag. I've got a few oranges, a couple turquoises, a purple, the odd multi-color. But there's always a new one to be had. Why not watermelon? Royal blue? How have I survived without a lemon-yellow tote in my life? I'm seriously craving a new bag. Here are some I'm considering (and not considering, as I'd rather feed a small African nation than shell out for that Anthropologie number).

This past weekend I hit up the annual Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg's McCarren Park, perhaps the dustiest, dirtiest park in all the land. I was sort of in the mood for a new bag, but most of the bags you see at Renegade just look so darn homemade. I was tempted by this absolutely perfect Kristen Aronssen bag, though, which was selling for $138, a serious discount from the $210 it's selling for at Rare Device. Too bad I'm cheap.

I feel less bad about not purchasing this Anthropologie cutie, though. At $268, this is what I like to call "out of the realm." Love the femininity, though.

Ah, now we're getting into my realm. Urban Outfitters. Sure, it sorta sucks when you see someone else carrying your bag, but you get soft, usually "leather-like material" (look ma, no cows!), interesting details, and the required rainbow of colors. And most of their bags top out at $60 (and often go on sale; hover over the picture for pricing info). Mmmm.

Lastly (for today), and let's face it, kind of leastly, we've got this Target bag. I saw this bag in the Brooklyn store and seriously considered it, even though it looked sorta cheap around the flowery braiding. The color was interesting (more turquoise than seen here), sort of mottled, and it was the right size, and definitely the right price. And yet: It still looked kinda cheap, so I passed. And then I saw some girl with it at Devon & Blakely, looking cute. Le sigh.

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