Monday, July 24, 2006

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

I would just like to briefly brag that I got these cork wedges for the nonprincely sum of $2.99 (down from $38) at the Urban Outfitters on 2nd and 11th (arguably the best one in New York for sales) because one was a half size larger than the other. Luckily, i have two different-size feet, and so: mine, all mine! For less than the price of a decent smoothie! And thanks to the 50-percent-off-redline thing they had going on, I also got a cute off-white linen half-jacket, sorta shabby-chic stylee, for $2.50 (originally $58); some basic round-toe black leather vintage boots, $10 (originally $69); and a black jersey bubble skirt, $5 (originally $48). I don't know who would pay fifty bucks for that skirt, but five? Sure. An entire outfit (assuming I wear the wedges on my hands) for twenty bucks. Love it!

I seem to be on a shoe binge lately, actually. I also picked up the following last week from the sale section at

These simple "Sunshine" sandals, $19.99, earned me the attentions this morning of a foot-fetish man waiting for the 7 train with me. First he told me he liked my shoes, then he started rhapsodizing about how beautiful my feet were, and how the feet took the most abuse, so it really showed that I took care of myself, and oh how beautiful they were. I was polite, then turned up the volume on my iPod. I was secretly glad I had turned the shower back on this morning to rub the blackened dead skin off of my heels, though. My feet did end up looking pretty nice in these shoes. He was right, you see. I do have nice feet. When the 7 let out at Grand Central, I then used my nice feet to propel me at high speed up the escalator and away from foot-fetish man.

And the Prowell sandal, with its floral-patterned footbed, is almost too pretty to wear. I haven't yet. I'm afraid the dirty city is going to ruin the prettiness. I will, though. I got 'em in black, also for $19.99.


Jessica said...

Your finds are incredible, better then any thrift store especially in NYC. Sometimes it is just shoppers' luck and it seems like Urban Outfitters was your charm today!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

i love that idea! i think i am going to ask myself before the next time i go shopping: do you feel lucky, punk?

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