Monday, July 24, 2006

See and Be Scene: McCarren Park Pool

I made it out to Williamsburg yesterday for the rock show in the abandoned pool. It is just delightful, moseying around taking pics of people in their ridiculous and delightful outfits. (Uh, the bands were pretty good, too.) I tried to take pics of the fronts of people's ensembles (rather than the backs) when possible, but seriously, when you're taking pictures of people like the man below, it's not like you can fake like you're not seriously appalled.

You're not a DJ, you're just wearing a pink shirt and green pants. All rightie then. What are you, exactly?

Yeah, Williamsburg: not exactly where you go to find the man you'll marry, ladies.

That goes for the gents, too.

Seriously, can anyone explain the sweatband thing to me? It's so very, deeply wrong.

Cause it is possible to stand out without looking like a complete and total jackass, I promise you. This dude proves it with his sharp choice of footwear.

I think this gentleman (yes, it's a dude: I checked) is wearing some sort of spandex shorts that he has cuffed. Or maybe they just got all bunched up when he was slip 'n' sliding.

I'm guessing she was slip 'n' sliding, too. I was mesmerized by this beautiful back piece. Also, have you noticed that state tattoos are everywhere? What would you guys think if I got a line drawing of New Jersey imprinted on my bosom?

I don't know why people don't just wear sunscreen. Isn't it annoying to carry an umbrella? And also, knee socks with boots when the sun is beating down? Guess they do keep the ankles nice 'n' white, though.

Perhaps he just flew in from Iceland? I have no clue. Dude, it's 90 degrees. Why are you wearing a ski vest??

Over on the dodgeball court, the look was almost unanimously shirtless.

The ref was all business.

I really wanted to tell this guy to tie his shoelaces. Nice shoelaces, but dude! You're gonna hurt yourself!

I'm digging this look. He's crisp, clean, and well put-together (and a touch ridiculous). You get a gold-star, boy-scout boy!

Speaking of ridiculous, some of the most delightful fashion is ridiculous, no? Here are some of my faves:

Then there is bad ridiculous:

"Do not" is right.

Hammer pants, really?

On the contrary, these two ladies are effortlessly comfortable. Clashing patterns or looks? Who cares? There's something about them that's just cool as a cucumber.

I also totally heart this miniskirt, which looked like she put it together (or maybe altered it) herself. Though with that look so popular these days, who knows...

And once again, dresses are still white hot:

Finally, in keeping with my bag obsession, a few of my favorite big 'uns from the day:

And by the way, Slate wrote about street fashion blogs. I sort of prefer the guerrilla-style photojournalism, because it means I don't have to talk to people and perhaps reveal my true motives (and because that way I can get pictures of people shoving hot dogs into their mouths), but maybe I should suck it up so you guys can see the outfits better? What do you think?


Jessica said...

You know I would expect a little better fashion from those hipster types in Williamsburg. I am planning a trip soon to one of those pool parties, there has been nothing recently of interest.

I will have to go for the fashion and not the music I guess.

leanne said...

1) NJ on your boob? Please, Mary Kate, tell me you are KIDDING.

2) I love the on-the-street shots you're getting. don't sacrifice nothing for me. unless, i suppose, you spot the most fabulous outfit and you need me to see all the little front-showing details. Then, yes. But usually? No need.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

yes yes, i was kidding. come on! you know if i got anything tatted on me it'd be gbv-related.

glad you like the street shots! more on the way....

Andrew said...

i'm the "man" who sported the i'm not a dj tall tee. check out what i actually am:
also listen to my song about tampons

Tamron Lohan said...

Andrew, you are indeed "THE MAN."

Anonymous said...

this "man" had to run through burning buildings with the deafening sounds of terrified and abandoned children all around him, all while dealing with the fact that his feet had been cut off. he had to run swiftly on his ankles regardless, for fear that if he stayed still for even a single moment, they'd get him for sure.

Anonymous said...

haha self promotion out of a shit comment i love this man. WHO IS HE

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
matt_mansbach said...

You seem like a very interesting person
Mary-Kate. I wish I knew you in real life.

zeev kirsh said...

your blog is fun. it's great that people can enjoy looking at others and commenting on their clothing in creative and hilarious ways. cheers to to the critics and fans of OPC.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hammer Pants.
Because they are the best thing that happened to humanity since sliced bread.

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