Monday, July 03, 2006

Responsible Necklacing

Hi Bingeketeers!

MK is off whooping it up at some lake house or something, like out of the movie "Indian Summer," but without the bad hair. What is poor T.Lo doing? WORKING! For you, dear reader! Well, actually for my boss, but nevertheless, let’s get down to business!

One thing (besides kittens, gummi candy and Jeopardy!) that I REALLY love is jewelry. The kitschier, the plasticer the better. However, that’s still no excuse for this monstrosity.

(Trosman, $121 at

At first I was all “Oooh, yay, I like the pretty colors.” After some introspection and reconsideration, I’ve determined that this piece looks like a modified adult bib. Especially with that shirt.

If you want to dabble in the chunky necklace look (and note that I didn’t say “trend,” because I think chunky necklaces will always be in in some form or another) and NOT look like you’re about to go crack open a lobster, please wear something more respectable like one of these sweet little beaded numbers. What do they all have in common? THEY’RE ALL ADORBS! (And cheepies!)

($10, Lulu's)

($8, Lulu's)

($10, Lulu's)

I think the less said about anything “boho” or “Sienna” the better, but in case you INSIST, here are some cute necklaces that fall under the aforementioned verboten categories:

($17.49, Targs)

($18, Zad, at Lulu's)

If you're into swilling booze out of clay jugs that say "XXX," you may enjoy this:

($79, Gerard Yosca at Big Drop)

But there are better way to do the sailor thing, like this:

($250, CC Skye at Intuition)

And definitely this:

($13, Lulu's)

But NEVER this:

($7, Lulu's, horrible, and you should known better)

Finally, this necklaces is just the best ever:

($75, Twinkle by Wenlan Necklace, via

Next, what about how Brooklyn boutique So Charmed has basically some of the cutest and most fun jewelry EVER? Because they do. And I’m not just saying this because I just said that, charm bracelets and necklaces are perennially presh and are something you should seriously own. Wear a fun charmy necklace with a plain top and some cuters jean. The magic powers and charm (hee) of a necklace such as this will totally make you skinnier, richier and a better person.

($125, sold out, unforch, but LOOK at all their other rad stuff!!)


Rubber Fetish said...

very lovely....and outstanding necklace...

Lingerie said...

very pretty and fashionable accessories....

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