Friday, June 30, 2006

Cute Store(s) Alert!

Yesterday, after work and before the downpour and before the beet salad and bruschetta and vino at 'Inoteca, and before the Lindeman's raspberry ale at d.b.a. (yum, yum, yum, and yum), I felt like doing a little shopping in my neighborhood: Lower East Side, what! (What?) Usually most of the shops are way out of my price range, unless there is major saleage going on, but I've scored in the past. It's not impossible. I was feeling positive. First I checked out this new place, Renato Vasconcelos, named after the owner, a Brazilian man who was shampooing someone's hair when I walked in. Yep, two haircutting stations in the store! How utterly convenient for your Saturday-afternoon (or Thursday evening, as it turns out) multitasking needs. The place is packed with colorful, fun baubles: canvas bags, crochet and charm necklaces, chunky rings, thick bangles, flowy summer scarves. And get this: It's all totally affordable. I don't think I saw anything over $60. PERFECTO if you need a gift for a friend. And the nice man behind the counter said they go to Brazil all the time and are constantly getting new stuff in.

Then I wandered into a somewhat-new store, the Spiral Room, also on Orchard between Stanton and Rivington. All vintage, and unlike a lot of vintage, which I often find to be hideous approximations of stuff even your grandmother wouldn't wear, actually cool. I got an apple-print cotton dress with cute red buttons and pockets for only $9.99, and picked up a cherry-print elastic-topped, uh, top that was perfect for a friend who's pregs, also for $9.99, and a cute little leather string belt for five bucks. Can we all agree that this rules? I think we can. Take a look-see at the apple-print dress as I wore it today:

A note about my shoes: After my score at American Apparel last week, I stopped in at Miele, lured by their "select shoes $30" sign. I'd been coveting several pairs of their vast collection of Dolce Vita shoes -- they have a whole platform of 'em, laid out in a rainbow of colors and styles. I was thinking the twist-toe ballet flats in red, or maybe the peep-toe cork wedges (also twisty-stylee) in red -- had to be red, no matter what. I desperately needed red shoes. Neither of those were on sale, or indeed, even there (apparently others have had this same red thought). But I did find these super-cute moccasin-esque red mules -- with semi-pointy toes! Amazing. And $30! Go me.

Back at the Spiral Room yesterday, I passed on this cute linen dress, because it was a little tight, probably a little see-through, and a little more expensive at $47.99:

What do y'alls think of it? Should I go back and get it?


ms. spinach said...

that dress is the CUTEST. i really, really like.

so is the apple print dress! are you wearing it with leggings or short jeans?

Tamron Lohan said...

ms s: i axed the SAME thing. she confirmed that they're cut-off jeans. phew! although... i've been hardcore opposed to leggings (or "footless tights" as urban's been trying to market them) from the very beginning, but now, i don't know. i may be starting to come around but only under VERY specific circumstances. i just don't know. i might as well stamp a number on my back and be like TEAM LEGGINGS because they're soooo all over the place here.

ms. spinach said...

everyone is SO anti-leggings lately. people don't wear them in singapore so it's not really played out here yet. i have owned one pair for about four months and have yet to wear them (i bought them to go with a very mini dress, which would be indecent if i wore it alone, and which i haven't worn yet either.) guess i better get crackin' while i still have the chance.

in summary: team leggings, sure, why not. whoo.

cat said...

i have some black leggings that i've worn a couple of times. once with a party dress and boots (at Most Ridiculous Party Ever), and a few times with a denim miniskirt, which is how everyone wears 'em and so of course this is why we all hate leggings even though they suck, kind of like how i have to root for england in the world cup even though they too pretty much suck.

my new roommate jen wears 'em with longer dresse,s which i think is kind of unexpected and cool.

ms. spinach, i think you may have given me all the inspiration i need to go back and purchase that dress. thanks!

Tamron Lohan said...

i just do not understand why people wear them with skirts (assuming they're not of 'gyn-exposing shortness) when it's 1000 degrees here.

Shelly said...

Cat that linen dress looks awesome on you! Only you know if you'll be comfortable in it though.

Shelly said...

Cat that linen dress looks awesome on you! Only you know if you'll be comfortable in it though.

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