Saturday, August 26, 2006

Attention, Shoppers!!!

I've been neglectful of the Binge lately because I've been busy shopping for a new job (holla at me here if you gots something for me -- something creative and fun and can afford me the EXTREMELY rich, lush lifestyle to which I've grown so accustom) but, I MUST take stock of my priorities, specifically, shopping for things I cannot afford.

That brings me to today's topic: BAGS! Don't even so much as entertain the thought of leaving your modest, cramped apartment this fall carrying a bag that isn't a.) a shopper, b.) a tote, c.) a hobo/ satchel or d.) some amazing hybrid of all the aforemtioned. Why would you even bother carrying a bag -- especially if you live somewhere like NYC, where your bag takes the place of the trunk of what would otherwise be your car -- that doesn't allow you the luxury of carrying around a book of at least 400 pages, a bag lunch, snacks, maybe a metal tape measurer, no less than 8 lipsticks, your drycleaning, at least two or more pair of shoes and possibly kitcheware all at the same time? So I'm totes psyched that there are so many great shoppers, totes and other practical yet OF COURSE cute and stylish bags for fall... Let's take a look, shall we?

First of all, I totally fell in love with this:
($589, Dunun,

However, the price comes dangerously close to the cost of my monthly rent, so what did I do? I went out and bought this PERFECT knockoff:

It's even way cuter in real life. Not real leather BUT it's still buttery soft. I don't remember how much it was -- around $11 or something! -- but it doesn't matter because it's SOLD OUT, HOS!! (Tee!)

Ok. Next... I totally did the gay inhale when I saw this:
($19.99, Olive N Figs,
What? $19? And it's soooo fall-ilicious! I just wanna stash some cider in it and go hide in a pumpkin patch and wait for the Great Pumpkin! Oh, and unless you've been living in a flyover state for the past six months, you know that bows are TOTALLY in for F06. PERF!

This also elicited the gay inhale!
($242, Ananas,
Also deliciously fall fabulous. It's very Banana Republic, which isn't usually a selling point for me, but if you're going to spend $250 on a bag, it might as well NOT be from BR, nomesayin?


($656, Goldenbleu,
Soooo gorg! And SOOOOO expensive! Almost worth finding yourself a sugar daddy over.

($575, Lauren Merkin,
A, um, Slightly... More? Realistic $575?

($39, Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci,

($238, Aaneta Handbags,
This totes gives me the Etienne Aigner tinglies!

Case in point:
($35, vintage Etienne Aigner,

K. Now for some bolder colors 'n stuff for those who like such things...
($30, Loop,
So cute! So cheap! So practical! A celebration of adjectives followed by exclamation points!

($152, Crystalyn,
Normally this might be a bit too dear for me, but this designer embroiders vintage fabrics onto her bags. Um, rad. Check her other similar bags in rich earthy colors and similar suh-weet old-tymey fabrics. You'd have to be a sicko not to love that... Sorry, but you WOULD!

I KNOW I may be in the minority here, but I really love this bag:
($53, Melie Bianco,
Unique and classy, just like ME (except for when I'm real drunk). If you don't like it then MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG!

On that note, go and bag yourself a nice night.

Oh, and P.S: Notice that NONE of these bags has any sort of FRINGE? Yeah? Well, that's for A REASON! A very good reason. Fringe on bags is just the worst. And I shouldn't have to tell you that. But now that you know, talk to your friends about not carrying fringed bags. Knowledge is power!


Jessica said...

mmmm so many bags to choose from. i just bought a great bag from H&M yesterday on 34th street. It was only $30 dollars. I just posted it on my blog, it holds EVERYTHING. Though I must say that Dunun bag looks almost edible.

Anonymous said...

hey, i *have* the melie bianco bag in dark brown and red and i love it. and it's incredibly roomy.

Tamron Lohan said...

anon - oooh faril? where'd you purchase from? is it leather? at that price though, who cares?

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Dude, leave off the Loop! Those bags are le suck! So ugs!!

Tamron Lohan said...

In a word: no.

Anonymous said...

re: melie bianco bag -- not leather but lovely, nevertheless. better made than most (ie, not vinyl feeling). love the handle. got mine off ebay but lots of online shops sell them. and they come in different colors... hey, tell us what you end up getting...

Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about Melie Bianco bags! The latest styles and so affordable. They're high quality handbags, I have had mine for years and they still look great! I get most of mine from auctions. I have that beige Ethnic Bohemian bag in black, brown, and mint and the compliments don't stop.

Haute Girl said...

i love your commentary on bags....check out mine at What's Haute and Hauteness.

Anonymous said...

I went to Overstock auctions to buy that beige handbag but couldn't find it. I ended up getting a different Melie Bianco bag and love it! I also find great jewelry on Overstock auctions and the sellers are much nicer than on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Now you have got me addicted to auctions. Classy handbags, and such friendly sellers. I need to watch my spending now :-)

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