Monday, August 28, 2006

Tennis, Anyone?

With the U.S. Open coming up and tickets in my pocket (or at least in the mail), I've been inspired to hit the courts. Some of this Nike gear makes me want to go pro. Or just look cute while I'm acing my partner, and then after, while we're having coffee or smoothies or whatever.

Seriously, this is supposed to be for sweating in? This flowy jersey top with the cutout shoulder and intricate print on the back? No way. It's way too pretty for sports, even "fitness dance," which is its intended use, according to the helpful folks at Nike. $45.

Ditto this precious faux-fur-collared vest with quilting, which looks like it'd show off your waist quite nicely. $100.

This funky little dress is by Serena Williams. I think the racerback, uh, back means you couldn't wear it as streetwear, but maybe you're cooler than I am. $100.

The same print is available in track-jacket form, though. Yay! With matching pants for 175 bones.

Here's a shirt that would look great at the gym or just hanging out. I don't know why anyone needs "vents" in the nebulous region between shoulder and boob, but it's just weird enough to be interesting even in a non-athletic environment, I'd say. There's also some fun feathery detailing on the back. Not bad for $40.

This track jacket is pretty basic, and busty ladies might not appreciate the asymmetrical zipper, but I loooove the color. Flushing Warmup Jacket, $80.

And it goes with my self-designed shoes! You can customize a bunch of different styles of sneaks over there for the reasonable sum of $100.

And then finally, a cool bag to stow your tennis balls, extra sneakers, Gatorade, brass knuckles, etc. Leather duffel, $50.

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