Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Go Jim Belushi All Over Your Ass

I am ALL for charity and its relative causes and events. And I'm not shallow enough to support ONLY fashion-related charities (I mean designers, brands and stores that raise funds for altruistic purposes, not sales that raise funds for starving fashionistas or something). I understand why those with the means to do so might buy fashion memorabilia or paraphernalia whose proceeds benefit charities. Now. That said, I do NOT understand why ANYONE would bid on a pair of jeans autographed by Jim Belushi.

I don't understand for the following reasons:

1.) No one gives a shit about autographs.
2.) No one gives a shit about Jim Belushi.
3.) Levis Relaxed Fit 550 are total Mom jeans.
4.) It's Jim Belushi. No one gives a shit.

I'm OBVIOUSLY against domestic violence, but this whole campaign is so arbritrary and ill-conceived that it makes me want to lock myself in my apartment and punch myself in the face. Additionally this is ironic since Jim Belushi was once accused of assaulting a guy in his (Jimbo's, that is) own home.

At least this online boutique PARTIALLY redeems itself by carrying the very wonderful Freedom of Choice jeans.

1 comment:

Mozo said...

Mom Jeans are the effing worst!

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