Friday, August 11, 2006

Five Cute Tops Under $Five-Oh, Tops

Ok. I'm practically FLYING (sans liquids!) out the door, but would I leave you post-free? Hellnaw. So, here you go. Five cuters tops under fiddy bux.

($45, April Rose,
Reminiscent of Mary Quant.

Love the metal hardware. Total kinky librarian piece.

Wear this to your last freakin' picnic in the park.

($48, Free People,
A wee bit pricey for a turtleneck, but it looks more tunic-esque and appears quite versatile. High marks all around!

I'm not generally very earthy (though I do recycle, so just BACK OFF!), but this is too lovely and designy to pass up. And it's handmade by a clearly talented etsy-er. And no, I don't know her. I'm just being nice. And you should be too, so buy this!

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