Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Tale From the WTF!?!? Fashion Files!

I REALLY like indie designer Angela Johnson. Sure, many folks contend that the recycled/ deconstructed work is totally played, and yes, it's nearly pointless to re-reinvent the wheel, but I'm hard pressed to resist this t-shirt ballgown:

($400, le-fashionista.com.)

It's almost enough to make me end my sewing machine's excommunication. I ALWAYS mean to, but then, you know. Something comes on TV and again I'm left barely past the threading-the-bobbin stage of sewing infancy.

Anyway, we weren't talking about me. (Well, I was, but I digressed). So, Angela Johnson...

($102, unsungdesigners)

Apparently we REALLY need to talk. This isn't edgy. It isn't interesting. It isn't acceptable. It's just plain BAD. It looks like an undergrad costuming class homework assignment gone HIDEOUSLY awry. It's a horrendous hybrid of the body suit and an infant onesie. I guess as opposed to the body suit, you could sorta go to the bathroom more easily in this, but is it really worth the humiliation and shame of wearing this in public in the first place? Also, I'd like to point out that you could also go to the bathroom much more easily and efficiently IF YOU WERE WEARING A NORMAL-PEOPLE SHIRT INSTEAD! LIKE A NORMAL PERSON! Come on! Not even Juliette Lewis would let this shmatte see the light of day. A.J, please stick to making fun dresses out of XL t-shirts, mkay!? Pretty please?


OMG. Maybe I will start sewing again:

($59.99, Target)

Clearly Target and the evil people at Sanrio are trying to KILL us with the kawaii.


Marcia said...

WTF indeed. And that sewing machine is so cute it even makes me want to sew and I have no interest in sewing.

Jessica said...

I don't know what disturbs me more...that the t-shirt ia attached to the leg or that it costs $102 dollars to look that ugly?

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