Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Do. (Need Another Wedding-Appropriate Dress!)

The weddings, they just keep coming, don't they? This weekend I'm attending my second October wedding, and it's on the beach. Hard to dress for! I really would like to score a long-sleeved dress and forego the whole irritating wrap thing. I'm hoping to come across a lovely vintage find, but in the meantime (in my cubicle), you can join me as I check out the wares on the fashion superhighway (the internet). um. let's go!

Tuxedo wrap dress, $199. Great color, but you risk a) being that girl who had to wear bright red to the wedding, and b) looking like a soap opera character who just rolled out of bed.

Betsey Johnson polka-dot dress, $295. Well, it has some sleeves. God, this is just so cute. I'd wear this to a wedding for sure. It doesn't exactly look warm enough for a 54-degree wind off the Atlantic, though, now does it? Hmmm...

Angie kimono dress, $62. Oh god, this is perfect! Totally fun, practical, and easy to dance in. And three-quarter-length sleeves! Why is there no Nordstrom's near me??

Maggy London chiffon dress, $168. I do so love Maggy London. How precious is this? Soft, pretty, feminine. Not particularly warm, but hey! The sleeves give the appearance of warmth, and that's almost as good.

Betsey Johnson embroidered silk dresss, $345. Not sure about the colors here, but the idea is what I'm after. At the vintage store. For a few hundred fewer dollars.

Victoria's Secret jersey dress, $88. Don't hate on Vicky's Secret. This has nice detailing, a pleasing shape, and works well with everyone's favorite legwear: leggings! (For weddings though? Maybe not...)

Nicole Miller crochet dress, $109.97. A smart bargain indeed! Perhaps a little dowdy, though, and a pukey color to boot. See how hard this is??

Tracy Feith "barefoot lawn" dress, $164.95. I still lust after this dress, which ex-roommate Jen scored for the sale price of about $149 in Anthropologie a few months ago. It looked 200% dynamite on her.

Any of yous seen some great sleeve-ful dresses I could wear on a New Jersey beach this weekend? I could always wear something already in my closet, but that's no fun. Comment like the wind!

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rockmara said...

Okay. If it were me - and I know it's not - I'd do the Nicole Miller dress with the ultimate "bitch heels" - Versace metallic python pumps. So awesome. I think they're on sale at Neiman Marcus right now. As the friend who described them to me said: "To be worn with very very understated jewelry and a completely straight face."


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