Thursday, October 12, 2006

Knight Rider?


For those of you too lazy to click links:


R&B star and AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge BRANDY has found love with PROJECT RUNWAY finalist MICHAEL KNIGHT.
The singer met Knight, who is an aspiring fashion designer, while she was promoting her reality series in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.
The couple hit it off after being introduced by an industry acquaintance.
The Los Angeles-based singer even flew to New York City and sat in the front row at Knight's recent New York Fashion Week show.
A source close to the singer says, "He's the perfect gentleman and has really won her affection."

WHAT? Michael is WAY too good for that alien-headed anorexic schemin' pre-Bobby-Whitney wannabe!!! Now Monica I could understand. There's a lady. But Brandy? Michael is reality tv royalty, and he just goes and SETTLES for that AGT has been? Boo. Auf with the both of you! Plus, I think I liked him better when I thought he was gay.

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Anonymous said...

Girl please, he's gay.

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